Smash Hits’ Sex Machine Review

Original Sex Machine Review I’ve just found a website that scans all Smash Hits magazines and puts them online in their entirety! Digging through, I found this review notice of the original release of Sex Machine back in 1980…   Red Starr (sic) states: First up is Crawling Chaos, whose “Sex Machine” is quite the… Continue reading Smash Hits’ Sex Machine Review

Notice: E.Y.E.S. No fuss. My old friend Jeff recently died. The track now playing was one of the last pieces we did together.¬† It’s Jeff’s creation¬† and is one of my favourite Crawling Chaos tracks.¬† This is a pre-Waqqaz version from a cassette that has travelled round France, been in various glove compartments and cupboard floors.… Continue reading Notice: E.Y.E.S.