Islands ‘Defy’ Sea-Level Rise

Introduction This week will see some news that will be twisted and churned by the climate change sceptics… Apparently, the coral islands are responding well to sea-level rises, which are real, make no mistake. The New Scientist article is here and the BBC News item is here. The Reality In my previous post, The Maldives… Continue reading Islands ‘Defy’ Sea-Level Rise

Hi Man! What? You Still Here?

Problem –  a Time Bomb. Unfortunately, it’s not “the bomb” that’s the problem. Today’s news that mammals are going extinct at a faster rate than…er…well ever, actually, would hopefully make people sit up and pay attention. Mammals facing extinction threat The last time I looked (warm blood, nipples, live birth) I was a mammal and… Continue reading Hi Man! What? You Still Here?