Pathetic Fried Tweets

Twitter Today’s news that actor Stephen Fry, famous for his uptake of all new gadgets and one-man publicist for Twitter, is “thinking about giving up on Twitter” got me thinking.  (see Fry ponders leaving Twitter site ) Apparently he thinks there’s too much aggression and unkindness around….. well, dah? Not that I’m disagreeing with the… Continue reading Pathetic Fried Tweets

My Space is the new Hell

Hell I agree with Leo Laporte that “MySpace is the new hell”. It’s just crap. 100 million people struggling for stuff just out of reach that’s never gonna happen.  (see See Hieronymus Bosch‘s version is close but the Buddhist concept of “The Hell of Incessant Suffering” is better. Quote: It is because people are… Continue reading My Space is the new Hell