Till Lindemann Follow Up

Funny as Fuck! I don’t think much of the tune but it’s around about 3:40 when he drinks his own sperm that made me see the point!  It just cracked me up, like Sex Machine by us lot, Crawling Chaos.  Ha Ha.  I thought his pants looked a bit big. And like the guy at… Continue reading Till Lindemann Follow Up

V2 Schneider and Heroes

V2 Schneider – Bowie I don’t know why Bowie titled it so; maybe it’s a tribute to the Kraftwerk dude.  Whatever, it’s one of my all-time favourite intros and even though it’s lost some power compared to the “modern” sounds available now, it’s still a cracker and it could easily be re-done.  The sax at… Continue reading V2 Schneider and Heroes