Sounds Waqqaz Review

Waqqaz Review …and following on from the previous post, here’s a recently provided scan from Holly of a (now defunct) Sounds magazine (four star!) review of the vinyl LP, Waqqaz, by Crawling Chaos, back in June 1986, when I was in France. Quoting Dave Henderson;   THE CRAWLING CHAOS ‘Waqqaz’ (Foetus Products F4) **** AND… Continue reading Sounds Waqqaz Review

Angel: Iggy Pop, Video, Lyrics and Chords

C#m      D         A          E       D E       B       D   F#m     G       D       E E D F#m             E D Still when I was crying F#m You were on my side C#m     D               A          E Angel, you can come and see me here tonight C#m      D                    A                E Angel, of course you’re always more than… Continue reading Angel: Iggy Pop, Video, Lyrics and Chords