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The Paleontologist

January 17, 2011

By Don Martin(1931 – 2000) Taken from “Mad’s Maddest Artist Don Martin Steps Out”

Don Martin again because I’m getting too serious

March 11, 2008

The state of the world and stuff has been getting me down again recently, so just for me, I’m putting my favourite one-page gag of all time up again as a post. It’s by the late great Don Martin who was a major dude at Mad Magazine for many years. A lot of the magazine […]

Don Martin

August 10, 2007

The Paleontologist This gets me every time! It’s by the late Don Martin, whose obituary is here Don Martin Dictionary! (it’s worth a click) Don Martin, one of the premier cartoonists at Mad Magazine in it’s heyday, had his own style (which every cartoonist must have to be successful anyway, of course), the key points […]