Some Words are Just ‘Right’!

I woke up this morning ……and read two small passages, both written by Buddhists, one of which quotes one of “The Buddha’s” last works, the Lotus Sutra. What struck me, was that sometimes, this Buddhism that I do can get a bit confusing, and then suddenly – suddenly someone says something that brings everything right… Continue reading Some Words are Just ‘Right’!

Two BBC Articles on Nichiren Buddhism

FYI: Two Things About Nichiren One: While fishing around back-links to this website, I came across two pages on the BBC website that explain Nichiren’s Buddhism and the Soka Gakkai International (SGI) quite well.  Go for it Robert!! Two: I’ve just seen this ridiculous rat with a Nichiren t-Shirt on the Amazon website.… Continue reading Two BBC Articles on Nichiren Buddhism