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Protected: For North East Punk

November 12, 2015

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

From Google Treasure Chest to Sun Tan Scam in Nevis on the BBC?

August 1, 2011

From Google Treasure Chest to Ubertan Sun Tan Scam in Nevis on the BBC? A.  yes it’s true! An article on the BBC website today highlighted the dangers of a tanning products called Ubertan.  On reading it, and following up with a simple Google search, the way it is portrayed in forums immediately set off […]

Porpoise Vindaloo (a Forme of Cury)

June 19, 2009

Porpoise Vindaloo   I’ve just spotted something on-line that made me laugh – a bit. A Porpoise Recipe from the Forme of Cury, a cookbook from Richard II’s time. Amazingly, it’s done very like how I do my own cooking – that is; no real quantities, just make it up as I go along, mixing […]

ID Cards in Manchester: The Real Reason

May 6, 2009

Manchester launch for ID cards Given all that happened in UK politics since last …er…week, ….it’s clear the reason why Manchester has been chosen as Wacky Backy Jacqui Smith’s test site for ID Cards… …Two wimmin got up Brown’s nose this weekend… – one is always trumpeting her Manchester roots… – the other’s roots are […]

Angst in East Lancs Wasteland

March 24, 2008

  Angst in East Lancs Wasteland This was the banner headline in Melody Maker, I think, for the gig at the Leigh Festival in 1979. Two things stick in my mind about the gig (we played in the afternoon) apart from it being freezing cold and there being no-one there. The topic in both is […]