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Astronomer Royal Cock-Up on Flikr

March 5, 2010

Introduction Some time ago I tried out Flickr, ultimately deciding to host my own pictures on-site.  I don’t the idea of someone having MY picture resource at THEIR beck and call… Whatever.  FlickrHQ sent me an email today (from “The Flickreenos” by gad!) introducing me to something they call, People in Photos. As they say, […]

Ignore Global Warming Despite Crises and Political Inertia.

September 1, 2008

Extreme and risky action the only way to tackle global warming, say scientists in the Guardian’s article tonight.  In it, they argue that because nowt is happening anywhere in the world to stop the warming trend, individual scientists and organisations should take action themselves, like blotting out the sun or seeding the ocean to make […]

Wyld’s Road – near miss

November 26, 2007

This is the text of a message I’ve posted to National Express this morning regarding a near squashing experience I endured in Bridgwater just after half nine this morning. Hi. I’ve been forced to use this system as there doesn’t appear to be a local telephone number to use. While cycling to work today, I […]