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The Face of Evil

Bishop Richard Williamson says No Gas Cambers existed.. As time passes and memories of mass slaughter diminish, many people start to doubt that people could do such ghastly things to others.  They think, ‘can it really be true?  Surely not?’.  And so it is with the nutty Bishop. Don’t let his bumbling aristocratic ramblings fool…
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February 20, 2009 2

Eleven Men Die and World Sighs with Relief

Taj operation finally over, casualty figure very high – reports NDTV.com Justifiably, the world sighs with relief. Some are glad that the shooting has stopped. Some are glad the killers are dead. Currently, the dead number ~200, the killers, 11.  A ratio of ~9:1 killed per killer. In recent years there seem to have been…
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November 29, 2008 1

Thoughts on a 64 year old Massacre

France 24 item in English 64 years after massacre, villagers of Maillé may get some answers at last The Guardian The forgotten French village massacre BBC News The Nazis’ final atrocity: why, as they were surrendering, did one unit wipe out an entire village? Mail Online Orphans of forgotten Nazi massacre hope for justice Daily…
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July 21, 2008 0

Bush’s Double Standards in Texas, Pakistan and Afghanistan

I’ve just seen a news article today about a man who’s been locked in a jail for about 30 years and no-one knew where he was! He belongs to the world’s largest democracy, India, and has been jailed in Pakistan since 1973! This is the same Pakistan that George Bush has decided is a friend…
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March 4, 2008 3

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