Sony Executive to Search and Destroy Iggy

Something I never thought could happen, given everything that James Williamson has said, is the news that 2010 sees the return of Williamson to play ‘proper’ guitar with The Stooges. ( ‘Proper’ comes from Iggy’s historical description of the band a few years back while speaking to Melvyn Bragg.) This is the interview (for a… Continue reading Sony Executive to Search and Destroy Iggy

Nazi Ron Dies

Ron Asheton Dies at Home Tempis fugit and all that.  Ironically, the day after I saw Iggy Pop doing an advert on telly for car insurance, Ron dies at home with no suspicious circumstances.  Amazing. The first time I heard “Down on the Street” knocked me over.  I was just stunned. I heard “Search and… Continue reading Nazi Ron Dies