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UK Parliament – a Crisis for Europe?

June 2, 2009

MP Expenses and Privileges Scandal Let’s make one thing absolutely clear: Apart from 635 MPs and the somewhat¬†fewer UK MEPs, NOT ONE PERSON IN BRITAIN THINKS ANY DIFFERENTLY FROM ME! *** We all think that they’re all a bunch of spivving crooks who’ve let everyone down.¬† To compound the felony, they will even get paid […]

EU Law Leaps Forward while UK flatfoots in Energy Wilderness

September 25, 2008

Some wonderful news this week for people worried about the real future of our world. The EU are hammering down on car emissions! EU rejects efforts to delay CO2 limits on cars RPT-UPDATE 2-EU lawmakers snub big carmakers over carbon curbs Blow to carmakers Climate package: Carbon-free cars? (pre-vote EU Parliament post) Reducing CO2 emissions […]