Thatcher’s Recession, and Now?

How Bad was Thatcher’s Recession compared to the Current Economic Slump? Q. Well, how would you find out, exactly? A. Surprisingly easily.  This graph here compares historical economic slumps with the current one, on a month by month basis.  It’s taken from the “National Institute of Economic and Social Research” (NIESR) website here.  Notionally, it’s… Continue reading Thatcher’s Recession, and Now?

There are No Safe Secrets

A Secret Shared: – Is Not  a Secret One Third of Second-Hand Hard Drives Contain Secrets This is the astonishing findings from research conducted by three Universities, from Wales, the US & Australia (see here). In an absolutely random sample of second-hand discs bought at computer fairs and places like eBay, 34% had secret, classified… Continue reading There are No Safe Secrets