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Your Identity For Sale

Concurrently and subsequently with “Mock the Week” last night, there was an astonishing investigation on the security, or rather lack of it, of our data.  This was in the BBC3 show, “Your Identity for Sale” from the Mischief series.  You can catch it here for a few days before it’s pulled; https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00ddwmf Playing some sort…
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September 12, 2008 0

Roger Irrelevant, Data Security, Liam Byrne and Johnny Foreigner

Two items this week have prompted this post which follows on from others like Laughable Big Brother. The Viz character, Roger Irrelevant is the link. (Viz flash version of a Roger Irrelevant cartoon.) Quoting from the Wikipedia description of Roger: “Roger Irrelevant is utterly detached from reality. The premise of the strip is that he…
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July 18, 2008 1

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