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Excellent Piece by the Grauniad

May 1, 2020

Today’s Guardian newspaper has an article on an NHS manager in procurement setting up & running a business specialising in PPE during the current Covid-19 crisis –, though it is now in maintenance mode. They say: David Singleton, 42, a senior NHS official in London who has been working at the capital’s Covid-19 Nightingale […]

Tories Reveal Authoritarian Roots While Liberals Check Their Shoelaces

April 2, 2012

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free. – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Yet again I’m forced to side with the grinning David Davis.  This doesn’t happen often and is embarrassing to admit!. It’s all about the government plans to allow full-scale unauthorised real-time monitoring of every person in the […]

Duffy’s Cut, Snow, US Medicare, Throckrington and The Welfare State

March 25, 2009

Highlighting the Differences in Public Health provision, the Attitudes to Death and Responsibilities of the State and the Individual to Public Welfare. The title is the biggest bit – trust me. Introduction This takes us from today’s news from America and the Duffy’s Cut project to a tiny hamlet in Northumberland, England, called Throckrington. Duffy’s […]

How the UK is Fortunate to be Protected by having High Road Fuel Taxes

June 4, 2008

or Analysing the Red Herrings of the Fuel & Road Protests Fuel Price Herring The recent fuel protests and road tax protests got me thinking. Everyone in Britain thinks that they are badly off. They think that fuel is REALLY expensive here. Here’s what the AA have to say on fuel prices across Europe (all […]