NOD32 gets abused by time-share touts (or something)

Today I’ve found something new, for me at least!  I’ve prattled on about how good I think NOD32 is as a piece of anti-virus software; low system utilisation, fast, effective, accurate, unobtrusive except when it needs to be… It also has a pretty good introductory service as well, available here, say, on their UK website. … Continue reading NOD32 gets abused by time-share touts (or something)

Laughable Big Brother

Continuing along with the theme of Cutting off your nose to spite your face the UK government wishes to extend the reach of the US “intelligence” services by making a nice big database of everyone’s phone calls, text messsages, emails and web page browsing history.  The WebUser website picked up on this story. Fortunately, Seagate… Continue reading Laughable Big Brother