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I’m shaking at the prospect of not having any cheese-rolling

March 12, 2010

Yep!  You read it correctly! I’m shaking at the prospect of not having any cheese-rolling – said Diana Smart, a cheese-maker Apparently the annual suicidal, bone-cracking race down a huge precipitous grassy slope in Gloucestershire by a few hundred nutters has now ballooned into a 15,000 folk free-for-all due to modern instant news and communications. […]

Obama Should learn from the Taliban

June 6, 2009

In the above video, shot with a mobile phone and first reported at the beginning of April this year, some blokes, watched by a load of other blokes, whip a young woman for breaking some law. At that time, the Taliban blokes (for it is them) had just come to an agreement with the Pakistan […]

Free The UFO One!

March 5, 2009

Gary McKinnon, the UFO spotter cum computer hacker is still not tried for his ‘offence’.  But the ice he’s treading is getting thinner and thinner. Recently our nice CPS deemed that there wasn’t enough UK evidence to try him – but that the USA had plenty so we’ll send him there! His charge, which I […]

We Don’t Have to Behave Badly Just Because Others Do!

February 26, 2009

British Torture and Denial of Human Rights On the day that some Serbian leaders were convicted and others released as free men following charges for war crimes, (see Kosovo trial clears Serbia leader ), a UK minister, John Hutton, has “apologised for previously incorrect answers to MPs” (I’d call that lying in a normal language), and […]

Blair gets US Medal of Fawning Intransigence

January 6, 2009

Tony Blair to get US Medal of Freedom one of today’s news items. This is given personally by the US President and is supposed to be the highest civilian award in that country.  One would expect it to be for people that work towards freedom as it’s a kind-of in the name sort-of-a-thing… So […]