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We Need Two Things to Save the Planet

March 16, 2009

Data, and Trust in Science The Burden of Proof is on Science but ’twas ever thus…. The arguments from climate change sceptics ultimately hinge around the general perception of aloofness and intangibility that hang round science and scientists.  The trouble is that some people are basically innumerate and no amount of trying will make them […]

Copenhagen Congress on Climate Change

March 13, 2009

In this stark summary from a meeting of 2.5k scientists from across the globe, we find that not only is anthropomorphic climate change real, not only is it getting worse, but also, within the error margins for the ‘hockey stick‘ predictions of only a few years back, recent measurements put the actual effects at the […]

This is Why We Needed the Orbiting Carbon Observatory Satellite

March 11, 2009

Fizzy Oceans Spell Doom As an almost instananeous follow up (the interconnectedness of all things?) to my recent disappointment about the launch failure of the OCO satellite, the BBC, Guardian, Telegraph etc  have all been reporting some recent climate work from Plymouth. An Italian Bay There’s now so much CO2 being absorbed by the oceans […]

A Failure in Priorities for NASA Rocket Launches?

March 9, 2009

Two rockets have been sent up recently by NASA. The first, a mission to monitor and greater understand how CO2 affects climate, failed. The second, a mission to search for new Earth-like worlds got up okay, will soon start searching. I’m all for expanding human knowledge and can understand the reasons for the missions.  In […]

What We Need Most

February 24, 2009

OCO Satellite Fails Of course, the title could be applied to anything.  But today’s disappointing news that a space rocket didn’t make it into orbit,I think, may turn out to be something that will be very greatly missed over the coming years. Failure hits NASA’s ‘CO2 hunter’ The failure of the OCO satellite to make […]