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Spam Disguised as Windows Live

January 21, 2009

Below is the plain text of an email spam I got today.  I always view as plain text and all my messages are spam checked, in various ways.  Some POP3 stuff comes in via Mailwasher Pro, which I’ve mentioned before; other stuff I forward through gmail and use the spam filters in there, which are […]

The State is in Danger, says a Return Spam Message from Eurosoftware

November 11, 2008

Following on from my post a few days ago about EuroSoftware, I had an interesting spam today. I used “The Complainerator” to automate some abuse mails to see what happened.    Well… fortunately I used my old email spam sucker-inner trap as the “from” address, because that’s where today’s spam came to. Addressed from myself – to […]

Email Spam Trojans Hiding on Websites as MSNBC Breaking News Items

August 16, 2008

For the past few weeks I suppose everyone has had a bit of email spam with this in the “From” and “Subject”: BREAKING NEWS: There then follows a sucker headline which is obviously pants.  They all have a spoofed link for which points to somewhere else, quite often a html document on the […]