Why Buy Vista – the HP View

Following on from my post https://strangelyperfect.tv/442/why-buy-vista/, I’ve noticed that Hewlett Packard have now put some of their stats into the public domain which refute the Microsoft notion that Vista sales are whizz-bang and superb. This posting, https://www.pcpro.co.uk/news/215502/hp-windows-xp-accounts-for-majority-of-vista-sales.html, reports the fact that Microsoft is double-counting sales of Vista and XP because customers are getting new machines… Continue reading Why Buy Vista – the HP View

Why Buy Vista?

Why buy Vista?  Now there’s a question. Microsoft continue to say that Vista sales are much higher than XP ever was.  But this is being disingenuous with the figures.  The fact is that most of the “sales” are as pre-installs on OEM machines.  Fair play to Microsoft, they have driven the business for years and… Continue reading Why Buy Vista?