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Pacific Webworks, Lawyers and Social Networking

June 30, 2010

Introduction The last thing we need is more scummy scammers and following on from Google’s legal action against Pacific Webworks (PWW) one would naively have thought that the “business” folk would be more circumspect.  (See previous article and comments, ) At the beginning of June, it appeared that the Google case against PWW had […]

Mandelson: Expenses Morals and Postal Flowers

October 12, 2009

As MP’s expenses come to the fore again, Peter Mandelson spoke on Radio 4 this morning and did his usual self by not explaining anything and being perfectly unclear about everything!  Listen hear here! Thank god the interviewer cut him off. The question was “Have you got much sympathy with MPs who’ve claimed under one […]

From Slimeballs to Horoscopes

August 17, 2009

A Possible Start to Personal Details Theft? Here’s how it works… Some time ago I made a posting on the odiously chubby internet bankrupteer and millionaire self-publicist Robert Allen (see link here).  As part of this investigation I used the name “Morton” coupled to my spam magnet email address in order to see what would […]

Curly Pigs for Alice?

May 3, 2009

My mate ‘Zippy Len’ pointed me to these strange creatures.  Looking half-pig, half-sheep, they could be called shigs or peeps but are actually curly-haired pigs!  They are rare – in fact they nearly died out.  They belong to Pig Paradise Farm, the home of all rare breeds! (contact them here.) Maybe after looking at these, […]

BBC Reports on Dubai Hell

April 6, 2009

At Last – some Proper Reporting from the BBC I actually thought that no-one did it any more – investigative journalism, that is!  Tonight’s show, Panorama: Slumdogs and Millionaires is on BBC One, Monday 6 April at 2030 BST and promises to reveal the hell that a combination of Arab religious kleptomancy and the sheer […]