Rapidshare WordPress Comment Spam

I got an unusual (for me) comment spam this morning at 01:58 from a Kuala Lumpur spammer.  His modus operandi is to trawl WordPress blogs looking for the word “RapidShare” and then dump a deliberately malformed warez-type URL to a zip file promising unlimited super-fast Rapidshare accounts that have been compromised. I had such a… Continue reading Rapidshare WordPress Comment Spam

Bad Passwords

In a follow up to my earlier post about the current rampant piece of malware, Computer Piracy on the High Seas,  I’ve found that the malware, variously called Downadup, Conficker, and Kido scans an in-built list of well-used passwords. So if your password is on this list, change it now! 🙂   Ha Ha. 123 1234… Continue reading Bad Passwords