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WordPress Permalinks Generated But Not Redirected

March 9, 2012

Introduction I’ve had a few site problems whereby my host Site 5, said I was using too many resources and crashing their systems.  Naturally, I was appalled.  I traced this to a variety of plugins plus some errors in php files which must have arrived either during the periodic updates or during editing.  These were […]

666 and Spookhouse

September 20, 2011

There are no co-incidences in Buddhism… I’ve just been adding a few scheduled postings into the Crawling Chaos website.  For those of a mysterious bent, I initially forgot to give a title to the post.  Now because of the way I’ve got permalinks set up on that site and because of the way that WordPress […]

DB Cache Replaces WP Super Cache

March 18, 2009

Following on from my previous little post about DB Cache, I’ve been using it since that time and it seems to be faster to me from little old Blighty.  I use a USA based host so anything I see has to cross the pond anyway, but in a non-logged-in state, page loading is definitely faster […]

Whew! WordPress 2.7 – point one

February 11, 2009

All sites upgraded with the new installation. The mysterious ‘feature’ with the WordPress Stats plugin is still here and some posts I rejigged earlier have returned to their ‘duff-links’ status I mentioned in an earlier post. Ho Hum.

WordPress Permalinks and Blog Stats Problem

February 9, 2009

Permalinks or Stats Problem? This may or may not be tied up with an earlier WordPress problem I had, wordpress-27-mysterious-permalinks-problem, but here’s how it manifests itself. Description I use a popular WordPress plugin called Stats which does what it says, most of the time – i.e. keeps a history of page views and the […]