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The Air Powered Car – Better than Batteries

November 11, 2008

Finally it’s starting to dawn on a few people that battery powered cars are not the way out of our low-carbon energy conundrum. Bolivia holds key to electric car future.  In this piece, the BBC note that Lithium, the 3rd element in the periodic table, a major power source for everyone’s laptops and mobile phones, […]

UK Economics – how optimism can be made to sound like pessimism

July 25, 2008

This is the continuing story of pointing out media “information” that is made into political “comment” fuelling whatever trend is needed at a moment in time. This article, UK economic growth slows sharply, in tandem with this story and this story reporting the same fact, show that the UK economy grew 0.2% in the last […]

Ford Cuts SUVs Now!

June 21, 2008

Following on from my earlier posting mentioning General Motors cutbacks in SUV production due to rising fuel prices, Ford has now done the same. And about time, too! The car companies will still make pots of money by making smaller, more efficient cars.  They will actually be cheaper to make when looking at the raw […]