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Jesse Willms Favourite TV Clips

October 26, 2010

Hi.  Jesse Willms the noted philanthropist here. You know, when I get home from work, driving in my little red car through all the poor people on the free-way,  I like to think of the difference I’ve made to the little people’s lives. Since reading about all those rich people, I thought to myself, “why […]

Pirate’s Revenge

April 13, 2009

It’s funny how things change and how the world has different perceptions of a people.  You see, people have long memories. Somali Pirates Vow Revenge on U.S., France on Rescues – is the news currently.  Also, the Somalis have taken pot-shots at a US politician in Mogadishu according to Voice of America. This all flies […]

Bad Passwords

January 22, 2009

In a follow up to my earlier post about the current rampant piece of malware, Computer Piracy on the High Seas,  I’ve found that the malware, variously called Downadup, Conficker, and Kido scans an in-built list of well-used passwords. So if your password is on this list, change it now! 🙂   Ha Ha. 123 1234 […]

Computer Piracy on the High Seas

January 18, 2009

In an amazingly co-incidental follow up to my earlier post, Not all Pirates Win, but Most Do!,  on the very same day news was just being released that some Royal Navy ships had their NavyStar (N*) computers compromised by a virus originating from “the former eastern bloc”. Token News Links: Royal Navy warships lose email […]

Rubber Dingies beat Flying Metal in War on Pirates

November 18, 2008

This is not a rant comparing the US military against others for effectiveness.  It’s purely my observation of events and appearances surrounding the current (10 years!) piracy problem on the high seas. This is the homepage of the US 5th Fleet above. All clean and big and modern and powerful and heroic (Take My Breath […]