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Tony Benn in Bing Top 3 – BBC Hide Tony Benn Funeral

March 27, 2014

Bing Search Shows True Popularity of Tony Benn I’ve seen the Bing search engine promote Tony Benn’s funeral to the top 3 searches, while the BBC coverage almost hide’s the funeral!  For god’s sake, people cheered and applauded with gratitude in the streets as the coffin went past!  There was NO jeering. Many people on […]

Auschwitz Architectural Plans Put On Display In Berlin

October 30, 2009

In a weird co-incidence that I missed at the time, I’ve just found that the plans for the Auschwitz death camp were put on  display during my Austrian visit earlier this year.   This visit very soon prompted my outburst on the pontificating nutty bishop, Richard Williamson (see The Face of Evil from 20 Feb […]

Sex and Death Photos

June 10, 2009

Sex and Death, Death Sex, Death and Sex, AND the Death of Democracy. I’m yet again struck by the rampant hypocrisy from America.  It’s citizens seem to think that everyone in the world has to follow their peculiar mores and morals to the letter, conveniently forgetting that they won’t abide by their own rules written […]

Let’s all say Sorry

May 12, 2009

The pope says sorry for getting it wrong over the holocaust and the nutty bishop The bankers say sorry for getting it wrong with their greedy decisions that lead to the current economic crisis Cricket captains say sorry for losing some games US car maker bosses say sorry for being crap UK Politicians say sorry […]

Two Pots, Two Kettles, Both Black

May 9, 2009

Two items in the news concurrently today, and when I saw them, for each one the phrase that popped into my head was; Well that’s the Pot calling the Kettle Black! Firstly: The Pope warns of the Misuse of Religion Here, the pope has made a speech in an Amman mosque, and yes, it’s all […]