Easter Island not a Treasure Chest

Tests raise life extension hopes – see news here Possibly, this stuff, rapamycin, could be the next big internet scam.  Acai berries are nearly done, same as Green Tea and Wheat Grass. Rapamycin It’s an anti-biotic, found in 1970 on the bleak Pacific island called Easter Island.  I’ve mentioned this place previously as a comparative… Continue reading Easter Island not a Treasure Chest

Checking my Duck Island

Yup!  Still not got one. Sir Peter Viggers, MP for Duck Island, has announced that he’s retiring because of his enormously embarrassing expense claim for the town of Gosport, Hampshire. Gosport is worth 4 hides, a pig and a duck, complete with a pond.  There was some mention of manure. Duck Island currently costs £2585… Continue reading Checking my Duck Island