Hey Techno Techno boomba doomba

Hi Paul I’ve ditched my RAID setup and now have a single partitioned disc! The reason is that I found that EVERYTHING was dependant on the card; So far from giving me extra data security, all I got was more complexity, heat and worry. I assumed that I could just plug the RAID discs into… Continue reading Hey Techno Techno boomba doomba

Streaming Waqqaz

I’ve got a few tunes from Waqqaz streamed today since Mr Compy is up and running. .. I’ve done: Bosumptwi Comrade Dolhpin, the reprise version Curling Sandwiches So in a way these are all reprises. It’s some time since these were done and it’s nice to twiddle the sound(s). Why? – because I can! The… Continue reading Streaming Waqqaz