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How WordPress Spam Works

February 23, 2011

WordPress Comment Spam The plague of all blogs is spam, mainly comment spam, by sheer numerical superiority. Q.  Why Do They Do It? A. As a minimum, they do it to open a back-door into your blog that allows the perpetrator to place reverse linkages to another website to increase that website’s visibility in search […]

The Three Rules of Trust – Using SwipeAuctions/Bids as an Example

October 15, 2010

Introduction There’s a well-known adage that says, Don’t believe everything you read in the papers (Point 1) Another, (which is derived from the mantra of the old UK stock market) goes like, An Englishman’s word is his bond (Point 2) Make what you want of them, but many people still go by this, replacing “An […]

Google Nevis Scam Comment Promotion

September 21, 2009

Introduction I’ve decided to make this comment into a new posting as the whole thing disturbs me somewhat.  The trick is in getting the title to fit.  I may change it after thinking about it, but the comment is too important to be buried.  Within my musings are a bunch of truths, improperly formed, but […]

eBay Success System – Blatant Lie

July 1, 2009

Introduction Some time ago I did a little investigation into the spam & scam end of the Google Treasure Chest type schemes, all apparently sourced from Utah in the USA.  See Robert G Allen, Grants, and a Credit Card Slimeball One benefit of the ensuing deluge of spam that I now receive is that it […]

It’s Time to Move

June 26, 2009

Introduction So it’s time to move… It’s time to get down with it… It’s time to testify.. …and I want to know… ARE YOU READY TO TESTIFY? Brothers and sisters… I give you.. A testimonial… The MC5! With a vague resemblance to my personal life and status, and a bit like “technology mirroring life”, this […]