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Psychic Search mucks up Search!

Problem As a follow up to this post, Disabled my blogtrafficexchange.com Plugin, I trawled through some likely plugin candidates for the symptoms mentioned by @Not Kevin.  These are obviously anything related to “web searching” in all it’s guises. Problem Solved The problem plugin is Psychic Search from MaxBlogPress.  In two browsers at least (Chrome &…
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June 3, 2010 0

Three Good Environment Plans

This week, I’ve become aware of three excellent initiatives that are focussing people’s energies, creativity, and cash(!) into positive solutions to the global energy crisis.  It just shows what can be done – and these projects are not difficult or hard to creative creatures like ourselves. Big Mirrors in the Desert This is a $400billion…
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November 3, 2009 0

Dr Who and the Death of Self

Each one of the fuzzy white bits in the photo above is a galaxy containing billions of stars and thus many, many life-forms, all at various stages of evolution.  This statement is derived from the work of thousands of intellectuals using the powers of observation and deduction available to us all. Tonight there was a…
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August 28, 2009 0

Microsoft Performance in the Browser and Search Engine Wars

Introduction & History Recently, Microsoft has reworked it’s search engine (MSN Live Search) and renamed it Bing.  This was followed even more recently, with a joint venture between itself and former search king Yahoo! into a hazily explained search and advertising combination. Microsoft is well known for wheeling out the lawyers as backup to it’s…
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August 10, 2009 1

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