Sony Executive to Search and Destroy Iggy

Something I never thought could happen, given everything that James Williamson has said, is the news that 2010 sees the return of Williamson to play ‘proper’ guitar with The Stooges. ( ‘Proper’ comes from Iggy’s historical description of the band a few years back while speaking to Melvyn Bragg.) This is the interview (for a… Continue reading Sony Executive to Search and Destroy Iggy

Iggy Pop Gets Insurance

Earlier this year when Ron Asheton died, I remarked (see Nazi Ron Dies) that it was funny how life takes us on different paths.  James Williamson is now an IT executive for Sony and Iggy Pop is doing car adverts… Well, it turns out that there’s been a problem with that.  The Advertising Standards Agency… Continue reading Iggy Pop Gets Insurance