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What is the Best Backup for Windows in a Small Home or Office?

December 5, 2010

What is the Best Backup for Windows in a Small Home or Office? Which Windows Backup?  A History. Over the years I’ve tried many systems for backing up crucial Windows data.  Currently for small-scale backups I use the ubiquitous and almost bullet-proof flash drives, my current one tipping the scales at 8Gb.  But for major […], Poacher turned Gamekeeper?

September 8, 2009

Introduction Poacher turned Gamekeeper I’ve been rss following a little thread where a job-seeking homeworker has been diddled out of thousands – see Saundrak’s Blog. It seems to have close ties to Pacific Webworks et al, maybe not directly, but the Golf Course, techniques,  or something. Read this curious comment from someone called mlwood79 that […]

MyBookFace Crap

August 5, 2009

Introduction I had an interesting referral from an external website early today.  It was, has a decent WHOIS entry and is USA based.  However, the sub-domain bit is a bit iffy. If you follow the link, it’s immediately redirected to The tagline for this website is: MyBookFace is a friendly social […]

Wow! Number 10 Gets Blogging on WordPress!

November 7, 2008

I’ve had to clean up a little link-rot that’s built up over the last few days.  I use the Broken Link Checker WordPress plugin – it’s quite neat and easy actually. One thing I did was a link to our very own UK governments’s Number 10, here The front end is a neat little blogging […]

What is the Creative Conciousness? Answer – Courage.

May 31, 2008

Art and creativity come in many forms but since the internet arrived with the huge explosion in community sites and the easy interchange of prior art, maybe the concept of creativity needs re-defining. Prior art like: a 20 foot oil canvas viewed in a museum a paper book like Harry Potter, read in bed, a […]