San Diego Squid Menaced by Jumbo Humans

Recently Seen in Squid News  (see here) (the newspaper for beaked Humboldt squid everywhere) Reports are coming in that the size of American humans is increasing and Squid on holiday in the San Diego area are asked to stay alert from some of the more aggressive of the species that are known to camouflage themselves… Continue reading San Diego Squid Menaced by Jumbo Humans

Adobe Acrobat Turn-Off!

Introduction A few month’s back the Adobe Acrobat Reader landed itself in doo-doo with some Javascript security worries.  Adobe were slow off the mark informing their customers (like me) what to do.  So it was the blogs that provided the answer: Turn off Javascript Unfortunately, this wasn’t enough.  After a week a huge patch was… Continue reading Adobe Acrobat Turn-Off!