Network Adapters And Bindings

Automatic Metric Solves Wireless and Ethernet Network Issues

Automatic Metric: Windows 7 Laptop Will Only Connect to Huawei E5372 on UK Three Network, OR the Wired Home Network Windows 8 Computers Work Fine Though! Automatic Metric is the place to be! I have two networks essentially: The “normal” wired network (gigabyte ethernet) that links all computers and printers through the Cisco Router. The…
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December 20, 2014 0

WordPress: The Matrix Has You!

I saw this post from Donncha, one of the WordPress folks. WordPress has an in-built Easter Egg, of which Donncha was unaware and has recently discovered …  And it really works.  Cool. 🙂 Quoting Donncha, here’s what to do: Edit a post. Scroll down to the revisions section of the page and click the latest…
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November 28, 2008 1

What does the Disingenuous HMRC do all day?

Over the past year or so, the UK Parliament’s Public Accounts Select Committee has been checking on our tax collectors, HMRC.  Today’s news, Call for corporate tax clampdown, is missing the point, really.  The problem is not the companies dodging the tax – even Joe the Plumber is at it! The problem is the incompetencies…
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October 21, 2008 0

Back to Doing the TanTan

I’ve gone back to enabling the TanTanNoodles Simple Spam Filter on my WordPress installation.  I didn’t realise what spam it was actually blocking until I started an experiment a few weeks ago to see how the various plugins and systems that I use interact with each other. What happened was I started getting quite a…
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September 6, 2008 0

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