Email Spam Trojans Hiding on Websites as MSNBC Breaking News Items

For the past few weeks I suppose everyone has had a bit of email spam with this in the “From” and “Subject”: msnbc.com: BREAKING NEWS: There then follows a sucker headline which is obviously pants.  They all have a spoofed link for https://www.msnbc.com/msn which points to somewhere else, quite often a html document on the…
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August 16, 2008 3

Zombie Dance – Mary Whitehouse

INSERT_MAP I’ve used some extra software that I’ve “re-found” (!!!) on my PC to adjust the sound a bit (well a lot actually) of these two consecutive tracks from a live gig recorded at “The Golden Eagle” pub in Blyth, Northumberland in 1980-ish. The sound is pretty crap on the cassette and the tape is…
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December 19, 2007 0

WordPress 2.3 Upgrade successful

I used the WordPress Automatic Upgrade plugin to do the update and upgrade. Everything appears to be working fine on the blog for the user except I’ve got some coding appearing in the “write” window (where I’m typing now). I’m pretty sure it’s a shopping plugin that I mean to test out. When I’ve sorted…
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September 30, 2007 3

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