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General de Gaule & Claire Chicoteau

June 28, 2010

French Resistance: de Gaulle in London. (This posting originally released on 16 Dec 2007.  Reposted and edited because of the subject’s death.) This is a BBC News article on the women of the French Resistance who worked with De Gaulle in London and then went to Paris with him for the Liberation. Claire is one […]

The Hell of Incessant Suffering and the Land of Tranquil Light

March 3, 2010

The Hell of Incessant Suffering and the Land of Tranquil Light Note: This was originally published here on Sunday, September 24th, 2006 at 4:28 pm and filed under Buddhism..  The link has been dead for quite some time, looks unlikely to re-appear,  so I’m showing the words here as they are so wonderful because they […]

Peace, Culture, Education

March 1, 2010

—- DAILY ENCOURAGEMENT —- “Of course, you’re free to live your lives how you like, but don’t forget the fundamental path of life. “The Soka Gakkai teaches us this fundamental path–a path for accumulating good fortune, helping others, and working for peace. That’s why we now have so many members around the world, and why […]

Some Words are Just ‘Right’!

December 24, 2009

I woke up this morning ……and read two small passages, both written by Buddhists, one of which quotes one of “The Buddha’s” last works, the Lotus Sutra. What struck me, was that sometimes, this Buddhism that I do can get a bit confusing, and then suddenly – suddenly someone says something that brings everything right […]

Power, Peace and Poison

September 16, 2009

Similarly to the previous post, What is Health?, Daisaku Ikeda’s words last week encapsulated individual, respectful, freedom perfectly, and warns against the abuses of power that can so easily lead to doom and painful sufferings for people.  Eternal vigilance coupled to openness and discussion is the only way! Shakabuku – to spread knowledge of the […]