Assange Given Ecuadorian Asylum

Assange Given Ecuadorian Asylum – but what next? This is the full text released by Ecuador for their reasons for Assange’s successful application.  See original text at the end. But What is to Happen Now? For now, Assange will have to stay in the Embassy.  Ecuador has asked for assurances about his safe passage, but… Continue reading Assange Given Ecuadorian Asylum

No Security System Exists That is Perfect

Yet again, there’s been another swipe of the axe at the great lumbering hulk of the UK’s ID Card scheme.  Surely it must be ditched as the biggest monstrous waste of money and eroder of personal freedoms for normal folk ever seen in history? Hijackers escape with bundles of UK passports: Guardian Blank passports stolen… Continue reading No Security System Exists That is Perfect