Bing Blinkx, Blinkx Bings?

I’m not an expert on trademarks, but there’s an awful lot of similarity between the logo of the new Bing, Microsoft’s ‘new’ search engine, and Blinkx, the video search engine. Same font, same emphasis on a little dot…? Now, we know that there are only 26 letters in the English alphabet and only a few… Continue reading Bing Blinkx, Blinkx Bings?

Economists and Scams

Why Economists and Scam Merchants are the Same Today’s news that the cost of the global credit crunch meltdown has quadrupled in a year should come as no surprise to followers of the GoogleTreasureChest scamsters.  See : Meltdown losses of ‘$4 trillion’ Last year, the highly salaried ‘professional’ economists at the IMF, many having spent… Continue reading Economists and Scams