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Exceptionally Clear Air Over Somerset

December 11, 2009

Following a cold, frosty night, when the early morning fog had lifted, I noticed that the air overhead was exceptionally clear, transparent, and un-disturbed.  This is readily apparent with the cropped aeroplane flying at over five miles up, where the engines and red markings on the tail are quite clear. The pictures are taken using […]

I’m Closer to the Golden Dawn

September 9, 2009

Some may recognise this post’s title – it’s the opening line from David Bowie’s ‘Quicksand’ and refers to Alistair Crowley‘s OTO-like organisation.  Personally, I like the tune and it always comes to mind on mornings like today when the sky was like the photosphere of the Sun, absolutely flawless in it’s colour transitions.  The pictures […]

Picnic at The Engine House

August 17, 2009

Assorted pictures taken on my Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ5 yesterday.  All photos are 16:9 wide-screen resolution, batch resized using Irfanview from the initial 3712 x x2088 to a maximum dimension of 1024 pixels and set to 85% jpg compression.  This means they should have a reasonable load time in the browser and display adequately.  Some back-lighting  […]

Henry Vacuum Cleaner and Powered Flight

June 17, 2009

Well I Never! ..should be the title of this post.  Having lived in the South-West for nearly quarter of a century, it’s come as a complete shock to me to discover that my favourite vacuum cleaner (if there is such a thing, I’m now defining it here!) is little old Henry, and it’s made about […]

Site Rework – Header Photo Gallery for the Curious,

May 24, 2009

Introduction [nggallery id=31] I’ve been busy this weekend having a twiddle with the site appearance.  I got a bit fed up with dragons so now it’s an anachronistic mix of Edinburgh Rock shades and the Gallows!  There are a shedload of random photos sliced into the header taken by me, Strangely Perfect, using my new […]