More on Google Profits and Pacific Webworks

Oh What a tangled web we weave… Back on May 1st I checked out this particular morph of the Google Money Bollox Kit Chest Scheme Plan…  See here.  I just had to show it because of the naff spelling and wordage, plus the inconsistencies in the text and graphics, and company name changes. Normal Of… Continue reading More on Google Profits and Pacific Webworks

What is Something Worth?

What is Something Worth? Only what someone is prepared to pay for it at one moment in time, apparently!  And I think that’s the only judgement call to be made. Judge approves $1.3bn Lehman deal Summary: In a ruling yesterday, Leyman’s, the bank with a problem of confidence, has been flogged for $1,300,000,000 to Barclay’s… Continue reading What is Something Worth?