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WordPress Upgrade leads to New Comment Spam Deluge

December 3, 2010

Weird Comment Spam I don’t know if it’s linked, or not, but since the WP upgrade a few days ago I’ve had an extra type of comment spam fall into my spam filters. Thankfully the spam filters worked, but still filled up the “spam comment” area for further perusal. Maybe it’s a plugin?  Whatever. Dodgy […]

Comment Spam Revisited

March 8, 2010

For no reason …other than a try-out and also the current anti-spam plugins miss the odd bit of comment spam, I’ve now switched off TanTanNoodles’ Spam filter and am giving WP-SpamFree another try plus another plugin, AVH.  I’ve left Akismet running regardless. WP-SpamFree This now promises a lot, so it’s worth another shot.  Two years […]

Intense Debate WordPress Plugin

May 26, 2009

The Intense Debate Install Story Along with some theme and plugins changes I’ve recently done, I’ve also had a play with Intense Debate (ID), a system complete with WordPress plugin for managing comments. Phase One Last week using my old theme I couldn’t get anywhere with the comment import. It kept crashing out at 9% […]

Spam Disguised as Windows Live

January 21, 2009

Below is the plain text of an email spam I got today.  I always view as plain text and all my messages are spam checked, in various ways.  Some POP3 stuff comes in via Mailwasher Pro, which I’ve mentioned before; other stuff I forward through gmail and use the spam filters in there, which are […]

Back to Doing the TanTan

September 6, 2008

I’ve gone back to enabling the TanTanNoodles Simple Spam Filter on my WordPress installation.  I didn’t realise what spam it was actually blocking until I started an experiment a few weeks ago to see how the various plugins and systems that I use interact with each other. What happened was I started getting quite a […]