Bridgwater Carnival 2008

Amadeus Meets His Nemesis in the Land of Make-Believe Photo Details These were all taken on my recently repaired Fuji Finepix F30.  Everything was on auto and with virtually no flash used.  It’s a shame it doesn’t have variable zoom and aperture when in video mode.  I could have done with that. Hopefully, you’ll get… Continue reading Bridgwater Carnival 2008

Till Lindemann and Bridgwater Squibbing

I wonder if Till Lindemann has been to see the squibbing in Bridgwater on Carnival night? In an earlier post, notice at about 5:32 in the video, the firework spectacular which is very like squibbing..  Remarkably so depending on where you stand. Yeah.  Like me, the people in Bridgwater don’t like treason or plot and… Continue reading Till Lindemann and Bridgwater Squibbing