Updated Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy I’ve updated the site privacy policy here. It now includes my attitudes to people making false claims and/or pretending they’re something they’re not.  I don’t mind nom-de-plumes, pseudonyms or even people who want to be anonymous – after all Strangely Perfect is but one of my alter-egos!  Making false claims, deception and stuff… Continue reading Updated Privacy Policy

Angel: Iggy Pop, Video, Lyrics and Chords

C#m      D         A          E       D E       B       D   F#m     G       D       E E D F#m             E D Still when I was crying F#m You were on my side C#m     D               A          E Angel, you can come and see me here tonight C#m      D                    A                E Angel, of course you’re always more than… Continue reading Angel: Iggy Pop, Video, Lyrics and Chords