Pacman is 30

[pacman] This guy has made a WordPress Plugin that’s a fully working PacMan game to celebrate 30 years of Pacman….  (link here).  So happy birthday, Pacmen!  I remember it and Space Invaders very well, and the loathing I had for their incessant racket in waiting rooms and taxi booking offices all over the North-East. (I… Continue reading Pacman is 30

Terry Fuckwits on Lindisfarne Causeway

Northumberland Northumberland is a lovely place – cold, sunny, windy, dry, overcast, damp, clear, clean and historic.  But mainly brrr  and wow!  Especially on the coast. It’s quite popular with tourists.  Here’s why I go there… [singlepic id=1024 w=320 h=240 float=center] …why do the fuckwits? The historic island of Lindisfarne (Holy Island) is connected to… Continue reading Terry Fuckwits on Lindisfarne Causeway