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We Could Save £243,654,565 off the Civil Service!

September 20, 2010

Q. How? A. Simple. All people in the public sector (i.e. in the service of the government) to have a salary of no more than the prime minister… Preamble David Cameron is paid £142,500 by us, the taxpayer.  Tonight’s Panorama programme on the BBC reveals that thousands are paid more than the PM, notionally the […]

Small Justice Against Solicitor Jim Beresford

December 2, 2009

Solicitors James Beresford and Douglas Smith – who took millions from Miners –  lose their appeal Finally, after yet another year of time has passed, the crooked and not very appealing (they called themselves ‘entrepreneurial’)  James Beresford and Douglas Smith, formerly of Doncaster-based Beresfords Solicitors, have had their case against being struck off the solicitors’ […]

Google Nevis Scam Comment Promotion

September 21, 2009

Introduction I’ve decided to make this comment into a new posting as the whole thing disturbs me somewhat.  The trick is in getting the title to fit.  I may change it after thinking about it, but the comment is too important to be buried.  Within my musings are a bunch of truths, improperly formed, but […]

ReAl TeaCheRs for Real TeAchIng

April 13, 2009

This morning’s news from “The Independent” will of course shake gasps of angst from those affected and that don’t know, but for the folks at the sharp chalky end, the Teachers, and for the Children pushing through life, this will come as no surprise. Schools hire bouncers for classroom ‘crowd control’ Teaching union in warning […]

Meet the United Kingdom’s Stasi

March 22, 2009

Public Trained in Anti-terrorism Not content with charging us for our ‘freedom’ to have ID Cards and CCTV on every corner, not content from stopping us take photographs in public, our UK Government in the shape of Home Secretary wacky baccy Jacqui Smith now wants everyone to spy on everyone else ‘in case they’re a […]