Mandelson: Expenses Morals and Postal Flowers

As MP’s expenses come to the fore again, Peter Mandelson spoke on Radio 4 this morning and did his usual self by not explaining anything and being perfectly unclear about everything!  Listen hear here! Thank god the interviewer cut him off. The question was “Have you got much sympathy with MPs who’ve claimed under one… Continue reading Mandelson: Expenses Morals and Postal Flowers

Asperatus Clouds are Great!

Aren’t These THE Most Fantastic Pictures? The BBC has picked up today (why today? I dunno!) on some photos from the Cloud Appreciation Society.  They are suggesting a new class of cloud to be called Asperatus, on top of the Cumulus, Cirrus etc that we already have. Might I suggest ‘Fantasticus’ as these are some… Continue reading Asperatus Clouds are Great!