Vote for Crawling Chaos!

Introduction In the Russian Dolls virtual world of my PC (I’ve currently upgraded to a AMD Phenom II 4x core 955 Black Edition which now allows me to run at least six Operating Systems (OS) concurrently – at the last count!), I have a Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) inside two virtual versions of Windows XP… Continue reading Vote for Crawling Chaos!

The Groundhogs: Who will Save the World!

The Groundhogs: Earth is Not Room Enough! Locked in a room, Strapped to a hollow chair, Faint musty smells, Odour of stale air, Sealed from the outside, In a cage that is six-foot square, Eyes that are fixed, In a glazed, disbelieving stare. Cyanide pills, Dropped in an acid bath, Froth forms a cloud, As… Continue reading The Groundhogs: Who will Save the World!