When We Woz Young

http://youtu.be/R0IAYFh0CaI?t=1m11s I was fishing around the inter-web-tubes today and came across an old show detailing the swearing and start of punk, and more.  A good listen and viewing, watching ourselves get older and older….    The guy at 1:11 is Tony Bulley, who led us (as the band Crawling Chaos) in a roundabout way into the… Continue reading When We Woz Young

CRawling ChaOs – Sex Pistols – Tony Bulley

I’ve just been reading the myths page and realised I’d better put the source for the Tony Bully reference in. Well here’s one on YouTube taken from a separate tv show about the Sex Pistols & punk a while back, I think. Grundy was a fuckin’ rotter with his pervy comment and all, but I… Continue reading CRawling ChaOs – Sex Pistols – Tony Bulley