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Who is “”

January 20, 2008

Who is this guy who’s registered on my site, hasn’t ever posted, has been deleted by me three times and re-registers each time? !!! This is who: Mark B Wilson While sympathising with some of his “pledges” and stuff, (you know; Bush is a twat, war is bad, clean energy – something must be done…), […]

Crawling Chaos – shouting at dozy twats

December 20, 2007

I’m just reminded about what this all means so I’d better describe a little known part of Crawling Chaos history that might explain the weird recordings floating about… Crawling Chaos had a bit of a fan club, that is, they received mail (this was pre-internet etc) from all sorts of oddballs across the globe. Some […]

Newcastle – Unique in the UK

November 16, 2007

This link details the arrival and speech of Martin Luther King in Newcastle in 1967. Newcastle was the only uni in the UK to honour him. No doubt, if Bridgwater had a uni, they would have done so first. In his acceptance speech, Dr King said: “Words are certainly inadequate for me to express my […]