Who is “mark@votemark.org”

Who is this guy who’s registered on my site, hasn’t ever posted, has been deleted by me three times and re-registers each time? !!! This is who: Mark B Wilson While sympathising with some of his “pledges” and stuff, (you know; Bush is a twat, war is bad, clean energy – something must be done…),… Continue reading Who is “mark@votemark.org”

Crawling Chaos – shouting at dozy twats

I’m just reminded about what this all means so I’d better describe a little known part of Crawling Chaos history that might explain the weird recordings floating about… Crawling Chaos had a bit of a fan club, that is, they received mail (this was pre-internet etc) from all sorts of oddballs across the globe. Some… Continue reading Crawling Chaos – shouting at dozy twats